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By providing a platform for the sharing of information, resources, communication and experiences of those living their final days fully, the vision of Life Matters Media is to create a community for ones facing the end of life and for those that care for them. Ultimately, we seek to foster a greater understanding of the capacity that end of life decisions have to nurture the human spirit.


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Your Guide To The Digital Afterlife

SOCIALPIXABAYProtecting your online property and ensuring loved ones can access the digital data and passwords they need is a vital step in comprehensive end of life planning. Here, you'll find resources to make this process a little easier.

WBEZ's Director of Digital Content, Tim Akimoff, and attorney Ronette McCarthy advised during Life Matters Media's "Your Digital Afterlife" program at Revolution Brewing that we all can take the following steps now to secure our online lives:

Thomas Owen, a WGN Web producer, summed up the challenges we face and some solutions in these stories:

Want to learn about Google's Death Manager?

Marcus Leshock, WGN Features Reporter, talked to an author of a digital afterlife guide:

Randi Belisomo and Andrea Darlas discussed this new challenge on WGN Radio:

Daniel Gaitan weighed in on the complexities during a Rivet Radio interview:

Sue Ontiveros of the Chicago Sun-Times is thinking about planning, too:

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Life Matters Media’s Mission

Life Matters Media aims to be the premiere provider of information, resources and support for all involved in end of life decision-making. Through fostering better communication, we will empower the ill, aged, caregivers, surrogates and medical providers to navigate this life phase with confidence and dignity.

Life Matters Media’s Values

  • All individuals should have the ability to participate in decisions that affect their destinies.
  • Multiple and varied voices create a richer and more productive marketplace for the exchange of information.
  • A broad range of choices surrounding end of life issues exists. These choices should be considered carefully.
  • Neutral platforms are best to explore this journey and bring end of life issues to the forefront in a reflective forum.

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Life Matters Media is a 501(c)(3) organization. We are grateful for your support in our mission.



What’s New

AGINGPLANLearning To Age Well, With A Plan By Daniel Gaitan

We all face difficult trials, but few of us will lose both parents, an in-law and cope with a spouse’s newly diagnosed chronic illness within just two years.

Despite an illustrious career studying bioethics and teaching health law at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio, Sharona Hoffman said nothing fully prepared her for the challenges of navigating the financial, social and medical costs of aging and dying.

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MAYNARD_DEATH‘Death With Dignity’ Gains Steam, Remains Divisive By Daniel Gaitan

Support for physician-assisted suicide is proliferating in state legislatures across the nation as proponents contend the practice enhances patient freedom at the end of life and guarantees terminally ill adults a way out of pain and suffering.

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susan photoOne Nation… Without Health Care Justice for All By Susan M. Mathews

Though every state in this nation struggles with escalating and unmanageable health care costs, only Oregon has established a rationing policy for the care needs of those on Medicaid.

Oregon’s overt rationing plan has suffered the bumps and bruises of being a pioneer, but it set the stage for other states to follow.

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bruce-jaspenRare Bipartisan Health Legislation Pushes Advance Care Planning By Bruce Japsen

Rare bipartisan health care legislation is gaining momentum in Washington that would reimburse doctors and teams of providers to help patients suffering serious illness with advanced care planning.

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Featured News

“Starting the Conversation with Rick Kogan” was presented to a live audience gathered at Chicago’s Harold Washington Library on March 31.

“What We Hold Central: An Interfaith Discussion of Religious and Moral Perspectives at the End of Life” was presented to a live audience gathered at Northwestern University on March 19.

StoryCorps Chicago: Talking About Death
Randi Belisomo and Loyola Bioethics Institute's Mark Kuczewski Discuss Study Findings Regarding Medical Students' Concerns about Becoming Desensitized to Dying Patients

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Life Matters Newswire

07/01/2015 - Learning To Age Well, With A Plan

We all face difficult trials, but few of us will lose both parents, an in-law and cope with a spouse’s newly diagnosed chronic illness…

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06/29/2015 - ‘Death With Dignity’ Gains Steam, Remains Divisive

Support for physician-assisted suicide is proliferating in state legislatures across the nation as proponents contend the practice enhances patient freedom at the end of life and guarantees…

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06/23/2015 - French Mother And Son To Bottle Scents Of Deceased Loved Ones

A French mother and son are working to bottle the scents of your deceased loved ones. Katia Apalategui and her son, Florian Rabeau, say…

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